So guess who needs new tires and new brakes?

This girl!

Guess how much that costs?

$1200 or so.

Guess who just bought new carpet for $900 and now doesn’t HAVE $1200 for new tires and brakes, but is planning a trip to NC next week and has to have the new tires and brakes?

This girl!



2 thoughts on “Crap.

  1. Do you have time to order tires from Tire Rack? I don’t remember how long they usually take to come in, but I want to say they’re fairly quick and a lot cheaper.

    I recommend handling brakes yourself, if you can. And my husband would probably say you can, cause he’s done it. If he and his dad can manage, anyone can do it (his words, not mine!)

    • If we had time to do the brakes before we left, we totally would. We’ve done them ourselves before, but I”m a little concerned about driving the NC without having them done. The mechanic laughed at me when I asked which one had to be done first.

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