So I didn’t get the last minute interview job. It would have been a great fit for me, and I’m 99% positive that had it been up to the principal I would have gotten the job but…alas, panel of 9 did not pick me. Pretty much the only want to get into this district is to be born to someone who works there already, so I was just stoked to get the interview. Everything in life happens for a reason, even when we can’t see the reason when it’s happening. I sign paperwork with Option C on Thursday. Woot!

I tried to ride my bike with Noah on Saturday and ran over a piece of glass. Who breaks like three glass bottles on the bike path? Ugh. So I had to walk (except I didn’t, I rode on a flat. Oops) back 5 miles to the car because I didn’t have the adapter for the tire inflator. Crap.

We had a great time with friends and their little ones on Saturday. Even though now my MIL seems to have grandbaby fever. Geez. We stayed up far too late talking and then had to drive an hour back. I’m still pooped!


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