Asking for your help

My grandpa has Alzheimer’s. I don’t know if I’ve blogged about it before or not, but he does. So far, we’ve been pretty lucky that his case was treatable with drugs. But we past that point about two years ago. There’s nothing else we can do. It’s hard to watch him slip away. It’s little things right now, but he’s definitely slipping away. It’s hard to watch the man that I love become a scared child-like person.

So every year Noah and I try to ride the Young’s Jersey Dairy bike ride. The money that we raise is donated to the Alzheimer’s Association to go to research for defeating this disease.

We have to raise $125 each to make the ride. Family and friends have been very generous and we’re really close to what we need to ride. We each have our own personal donation page so I’ll put up both of them. I’m $25 short to ride and Noah is $75 short to ride. If you can donate, even $10 would help.

My page

Noah’s page


One thought on “Asking for your help

  1. I do want to help but I’m a little stretched right now. Can you remind me in a week or two?

    My husband’s great aunt and uncle have dementia and I know how hard it has been for his family.

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