Meet Leroy

So…I wanted to get a classroom pet. I really wanted to get dwarf hamsters. Noah and I have had them before (a disaster of 14 hampies at once!) so we know what we’re dealing with. Except the principal said nothing with fur. So…I got this guy!

Meet Leroy.  He’s a Mali Uromastyx lizard.  He’s full grown, about 12″.

He’s very easy to handle.  He loves being out in the sunlight!  He’s a desert lizard so he’s used to temps above 100 degrees, so I need to figure out how to simulate that in his cage.  He eats veggies and greens, so no crickets or mealworms to try to keep alive and deal with.  The main reason I decided on him as opposed to a Leopard Gecko or other lizard, is that he’s diurnal.  So the kids will actually get to see him move around and be active.  Plus, he’s big enough I think the kids can handle him without worrying about breaking a leg or something.  I’m pretty excited to have him!


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