Young’s Jersey Dairy Bike Tour

So Thank You to friends and family who donated for our bike ride on Sunday.  We signed up for the 56 mile route and due to a road closure, ended up going 60 miles!  60 miles!  I know, 4 extra miles doesn’t sound like a lot but it is.  Also, the hills on this ride were killer.  I expected to be a lot more sore and tired today than I am.  After the ride, I got a free massage and we had “dinner” with my Grandparents (I say “dinner” because it was like 3:30 when we ate).  It was all in all a very nice ride.

Noah looking fresh at the start of the ride.

Me looking fresh at the start.

Me on the massage table after the ride.

I would have taken one of the two of us post ride, but I seem to have lost the battery charger for my camera and am unable to take any more photos until we locate it.  Sadness all around.  These photos are courtesy of the Dayton Daily News.


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