Noah was all sad sack mopey last night, telling me how overwhelmed he feels because we don’t have a free weekend until Aug. 28th. Of course when he gets like this I can’t share what I’m feeling overwhelmed with because it’ll just make things worse. So…what’s a blog for if not to worry needlessly about things out of your control? (before I start, I apologize, my once yearly period started last night…I may be a little hormonal)

A. Money
Lots of things fall under money right?

  • The fact that our savings is only at $2,000.
  • The fact that we have $10,000 in credit card debt.
  • The fact that we seem to be leaking money like the oil spill in the gulf.
  • The fact that when Noah wants something, I have a really really hard time telling him no.
  • The fact that I did really good with no shopping for most of the summer but then went on a bender the last couple of weeks.
  • The fact that I had $500 to put on the credit cards a week ago and now I have $55 and very little idea where the rest of it went.  I thought we were doing pretty good.
  • The fact that we don’t have the money or time to put in a new kitchen floor and a new shower in my bathroom.
  • The fact that we’re talking about starting to try to have a baby next summer and I can’t imagine having a child with two car payments and $10,000 in credit card debt.
  • The fact that I had a job for the last four years where I made an average of $4,000 above my salary but we STILL have credit card debt AND I just took a job that means both a pay cut and an 3x increase in what we will be paying for our insurance.
  • The fact that I am still waiting for Noah to sell the tires and step sides from his truck that he promised he would sell almost 6 months ago.

B.  The House

  • The fact that we have lived in our house for four years and the following things are not finished:
  1. landscaping
  2. painting the gutters and shutters
  3. the kitchen floor
  4. Noah’s studio is not put back together
  5. my shower
  6. Noah’s shower and sink
  7. painting the kitchen….again
  • The house is a complete and utter mess.  Noah and I are hoarders.  Flat out.  Our garage was clean but is not a mess.  Our basement has never been clean, but now you can’t even walk through it.  We need to go through the house, room by room, and get rid of stuff.  This is compounded by the fact that my parents are trying to sell their house and move in the next month (long story) so we have to take all of my crap from my parents house and bring it back here and somehow find a place for it.  But we aren’t home so the cleaning/purging isn’t getting done and it’s driving me over the edge.
  • We have a dog, two cats, and a lizard.  I wish I hadn’t gotten the lizard, he pushed me over the edge.  He’s not messy and he doesn’t smell but until school starts, he lives on the dining room table which adds to the mess in our house.  The dog and two cats are shedding something awful this summer and leave us needing to vaccum daily…but we aren’t home so it’s not getting done.

Finally,  C.  General stress over a new job is starting to wig me out.  I haven’t really been excited for the new job.  I know that overall it’s supposed to help my stress level but…it’s at an elementary and I wanted HS.  It’s with a new district that I don’t know.  It’s with a new principal and new teachers that I don’t know.  My commute is longer and on 270 which…if you know anything about Columbus, you know that being on 270 during rush hour is a timekillerboredstupidwhileyousitandstareandthinkabouthowyou’regoingtobelateforwork commute.  I am getting zero training even though I asked for it, so I feel like I’m going in completely blind.  I’m taking a pay cut and money is a huge stress for me because Noah doesn’t really have anything to do with our finances (And before you make a suggestion that he help out, we’ve tried.  It doesn’t work.).  Insurance is going up 3x and I don’t fully understand what type of insurance I’m getting or how that’s going to affect us financially.

So yeah.  Whine.  Anyone want to come have a margarita with me?  On the rocks, salt on the rim, extra tequila?


4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. I think being overwhelmed falls into a circular pattern. It comes, it goes, but it never really leaves for good. The biggest problem that we face in this stage of being overwhelmed is our desire to have the life we want, right damn now! And once we come to terms with the idea that we can have a few things now, but most will need to wait, then the overwhelmed leaves us for a time and we become simply, whelmed 🙂

  2. I love margaritas (and frappes too…)!

    Oh I can totally relate to all of that…especially the cc debt. I can’t wait for the day when I can say it’s PAID OFF!

    • I totally feel ya. When it comes to organizing sometimes I think its totally easier to take stuff out of the area and then put back only what you need. *Says the girl who has one room in her house that is a hot mess*

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