For 10 days?

Almost a month ago I had two moles removed. One was fine and benign the other…not so much. It came back moderately atypical. The dermatologist said it wasn’t cancer yet, but it would be. Someday. They couldn’t say when. So they needed to remove more of it. So yesterday I had a large chunk cut out of my left boob. The incision after sutures is 1 1/2″ long. When they did the first removal, the dermatologist was inept and I had a HUGE scar just from a tiny punch. This time, hopefully the scar will be minimal. There are two layers of stitches and none of them are external. I’m not allowed to do anything for the next 10 days. Like anything. No running, lifting, reaching, etc. Basically anything that stretches your boob is off limits. EVERYTHING does that. I’m upset I can’t run for 10 days. This puts my 1/2 marathon training plan off by about two weeks. Two weeks I can’t really spare 😦

In other news, I went into my new school and met with my co-teachers yesterday. It was the first time I felt like I made the right choice switching school districts. I’m pretty excited! But….I can’t move in for another 10 days because I’m not allowed to lift my boxes. Boo.


4 thoughts on “For 10 days?

  1. Moles are nothing to mess with! I had one on my arm – never found out if it was cancerous or not – but my surgeon botched it and I have a huge scar now.

    10 days is a long time. Try not to go stir-crazy!!

  2. Oh man. I’m glad you had it removed but 10 days of doing nothing makes me antsy just thinking about it! I hope it goes by fast!

  3. I’m sorry to read about this 😦 That really sucks, but I’m glad you found it and had it removed so quickly. Good luck with getting back into training.

    PS I’ve missed you…I know, it’s my own damn fault

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