So….I did what I was supposed to do.  I turned in my resignation for my previous job within my contractual time limit.  Actually three days before the deadline.  I made it for a later effective date because I was teaching summer school and needed to get paid.  I was told everything was A-OK.

Today I got a letter from the principal of the school I would be working at if I had not quit.  This letter was welcoming me to the school and asking me to come to new student orientation and be introduced and about the beginning of the year meetings.  Um.  What?  No one informed her?  So I called downtown and asked if everything had been done…turns out they never processed my resignation.  They had a copy of it and entered it into the system, but never processed it.

So….they never assigned another teacher to my building.  And it’s far too late to hire someone, school starts Aug. 23rd.  I could potentially get screwed here.  My previous district could decide that they aren’t going to honor my resignation and they aren’t going to let me out of my contract and I could have to pack my new classroom up and go back to my previous district and set up a new classroom.  And of course, work for a principal and staff who know that I don’t want to be there.

This could be very very bad.


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