A picture is worth 1,000 words

unfortunately…I don’t have the pictures uploaded yet!

Sunday I did my first duathlon.  I ran 3.1 miles (5k) followed by a 12.4 bike ride and then another 3.1 miles.  In between each event, I headed back to the transition area to change shoes, grab a gel, etc.  My goal was to run each 5k with a 9:30 pace and then do the bike in 45 minutes.  I was also trying to keep my transition to about 1 minute.  That said, I’ve never done this before and hadn’t practiced transitions, I just looked at other people’s times to see what the average transition time was.

My actual times were 8:56 pace for the first 5k which is a personal best, 48 minutes for the bike, and then 9:16 pace for the second 5k.  My transition times were 1:51 and 1:36 each time.  So…there is room for improvement for the transition, I’ve already come up with some ideas.  But I’m really proud of my run times, the first time is a PR for a 5k for me and the second was under what I anticipated.  On the ride, there were two pretty large hills which I wasn’t expecting and a really strong headwind.  I’ve set some biking goals for the winter and hopefully will improve those times for next spring.  I placed 1st in my age group, 6th among the women overall and 20th overall not including the elite and masters runners.

I’m definitely really proud of my accomplishment.  If you had asked me a year ago if I thought I would be able to do this, I would have said not only would I not be able to but I had no interest in it.  But I had so much fun!  I can’t wait to do it again next year.


Indian Run

Today Noah and I went down to Hocking Hills to run the annual Indian Run.  This was our second year running it.  Noah did the 10k this year and I did the 5k again.  As I was running I was really surprised and excited by how strong I was feeling.  Last year we ran this exact run and it was all I could do to manage to run 1.5 miles of it.  This year my goal was to run almost the whole thing and only walk on the last hill.  The last mile or so of the run is a 5% grade.  I sort of met my goal, I only walked once on a really short but straight up part and I stopped at one water station, but I did not walk at all on the last hill.  I was really really proud of myself.  This is the first time that I have really been able to tell how much progress I’ve made.

When we checked the preliminary times tonight on the website, I came in third for my age group!  My pace was a lot slower than I wanted it to be, but still 20 minutes faster than last year!!! and I took third in my age group.  I’m really proud of myself!


So I was feeling pretty good about my lunch.  I had a 6″ subway Italian sub and I picked Sun Chips for my side.  Plus a white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie.  Just in the sub and cookie, nevermind the drink or the chips, I had over 1,000 calories.

I really wish I hadn’t looked that up AFTER I decided not to run today.

A Ray of Sunshine

Teachers are eligible for student loan forgiveness. Regular education teachers who work in low income districts for five consecutive years are eligible for $5,000. Special education teachers are eligible for $17,500. I don’t know anyone who has applied for the loan forgiveness and has gotten it the first time.

Until today.

Today I got the letter from my loan servicer saying I have been granted the entire allowable amount. That is $17,500!!! I checked my account online and there it was! My balance has been reduced by almost half!

Yay me! I needed a ray of sunshine like this!

Guest Post + Mini Rant

I’m guest posting here with Laura.  Make sure to check her out…she’s always a fun read and I appreciate hearing about the “real” side of motherhood before I get there!

p.s. the work thing?  Not good.  It was on the news today and…public reaction is not positive.  It makes me sick to read all the nasty comments from people who are not teachers.  How can they judge what I do?  How can they ask me to take such a crappy contract and still expect me to help our students and our district reach “excellent with distinction” which is what we were rated this year BTW.  We’ve worked our butts off to get the levy passed and educate your children, don’t we deserve to be compensated fairly?