Guest Post + Mini Rant

I’m guest posting here with Laura.  Make sure to check her out…she’s always a fun read and I appreciate hearing about the “real” side of motherhood before I get there!

p.s. the work thing?  Not good.  It was on the news today and…public reaction is not positive.  It makes me sick to read all the nasty comments from people who are not teachers.  How can they judge what I do?  How can they ask me to take such a crappy contract and still expect me to help our students and our district reach “excellent with distinction” which is what we were rated this year BTW.  We’ve worked our butts off to get the levy passed and educate your children, don’t we deserve to be compensated fairly?


3 thoughts on “Guest Post + Mini Rant

  1. Seriously, people need to understand that education isn’t free or cheap. If they want a good education for their kids, it will cost some money. Hello, it’s our kid’s future, isn’t it worth it???

    Honestly, I’d think people would be a bit more understanding. Private sector has been dealing with layoffs, poor raises, pay cuts and all that lately, you think we might start to realize that’s what teachers are ALWAYS dealing with.

    • it’s so frustrating. people on the website kept talking about how we have summer of and how we’re so whiney, complaining that we have to take papers home and grade them. they’re calling us hypocrites, saying “how can you say you do it for the kids when this schedule you’re working is hurting our kids” and a couple people are writing letters to the board (supposedly) suggesting that they fire all of us and hire all new teachers. it’s so…gah. just come spend a day in my shoes before you make judgements. seriously. and the worst part is that the union says we’re not allowed to disclose any information about why we’re working to the rule like this. i feel like us not disclosing information is making it difficult for the public to understand what we’re asking for. they want to give us a 1% raise and ask us to pay almost 20% more for our insurance! we already agreed to go to a sh*tty insurance plan, a high deductible plan, and in addition to the 20% more they want us to pay, they want to raise our deductible. I don’t get insurance coverage until I pay $1,200 out of pocket. They want to make it more. And they want to exclude spouses. Argh. I need to stop thinking about this. It’s not going to get fixed this weekend…*sigh*

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