Indian Run

Today Noah and I went down to Hocking Hills to run the annual Indian Run.  This was our second year running it.  Noah did the 10k this year and I did the 5k again.  As I was running I was really surprised and excited by how strong I was feeling.  Last year we ran this exact run and it was all I could do to manage to run 1.5 miles of it.  This year my goal was to run almost the whole thing and only walk on the last hill.  The last mile or so of the run is a 5% grade.  I sort of met my goal, I only walked once on a really short but straight up part and I stopped at one water station, but I did not walk at all on the last hill.  I was really really proud of myself.  This is the first time that I have really been able to tell how much progress I’ve made.

When we checked the preliminary times tonight on the website, I came in third for my age group!  My pace was a lot slower than I wanted it to be, but still 20 minutes faster than last year!!! and I took third in my age group.  I’m really proud of myself!


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