Happy Halloween Pt. 2

We spent some time carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds this weekend.  Yum!



The second pumpkin was made using orange LED lights.  I made the letters using a punch and then stuck one light through each hole.  I don’t know if it’s because the pumpkin was old, or the heat from the lights or what, but that pumpkin isn’t long for this world.  He’s wrinkly and rotting.  😦


Good Morning Sunday

After a GREAT birthday party last night, Noah and I got up at the butt crack of dawn to volunteer at the mile 6 water stop for the Columbus Marathon this morning.  The rest stop is sponsored by the Columbus Running Company and is staffed by members of the CBus Pacers group that we run with two to three times a week.

Last I volunteered because Noah was running and I had to be there anyway so I might as well be productive, and I happened to know  one of the organizers.  This year I volunteered because I am a runner and I know how important those water stops are.  If you’re starting to drag, hearing those people cheer for you and grabbing something to hydrate is huge.  I had so much fun cheering everyone on.

Great job to everyone who ran and everyone who volunteered!


So…I finally broke down and got my hair professionally dyed.  It was my “present” to myself for my birthday.  It started out OK.  I told her that I wanted it to be red and I talked about all the things that I didn’t like about the current color.  I showed her a few pictures in magazines and she was on it.  The cut was great but when she dried it…it was dark brown.  Not red at all.  So I said, “I really wanted it to be more red.”  And I didn’t like the line where you could see my ends were lighter before she dyed it.  So she put in caramel highlights to help disguise the line and I headed home.  Well by the weekend I decided that I paid A LOT of money for it to be the way I wanted it and since I hadn’t had my hair dyed in well over two years, I wanted what I had asked for.  So I called and asked for it to be fixed.  I went in, explained that I wanted more red and she set to work.  She tried to keep the caramel highlights that I had (since they were quite expensive).  She dried it….yeah, still not red.  Except now, it was patchy red underneath with brown and blonde on top.  It looked strange.  So I told her I really didn’t like it.  I could have lived with the brown because it was my natural color, but this was not something I could live with.  She goes and gets another stylist and they ask me some questions.  They decided to bring out the swatch card and have me pick what I want.  When I show them what I want, my stylist goes “Wow that’s really red, are you sure?”  Um.  Yeah.  I’m sure.  That’s what I asked for.  That’s what I paid over $150 for.  So the manager makes me sign a waiver that they aren’t responsible if my hair falls out and that they won’t re-do it if it isn’t what I want.  Because this is the fourth time she’ll have dyed my hair in the space of a week.  Fourth time.  So did an all over color and….voila!  I finally got what I wanted!  And I LOVE it!  I just wish she had brought out the swatch card in the first place and listened to me in the first place.  I could have saved a lot of hassle.

Happy Birthday to…

Me!  and Noah!  and my uncle…and my assistant…and my great aunt…

Apparently January/February are cold months 😉

I was going to write a post about another year that has flown by.  About all of the things that I’ve accomplished this year and about the things I hope to accomplish before this time rolls around next year.

But I’ve had a bad day at school and Noah’s sick so I think I’ll just eat my cake and ice cream and go to bed early.


Today I ran my first half marathon.  I was really prepared to hate it.  Definitely prepared to suffer.  And even though my goal was not to walk, I was prepared for that possibility.  The furthest I went in my training was 11 miles and we took a short break at the half way point.  And that was weeks ago.  I got sick, I had my duathlon, and then it was taper week for the half.  So I was prepared to accept that I would do better next time.


The towpath is gorgeous this time of year, the course is extremely flat, and the race was a success.

I don’t have official times yet, but Noah’s watch said 2 hours 15 minutes and 59 seconds.  My goal time was to average 10:30 pace.  That time means weaveraged 10:22.  So I definitely beat my first goal.  My second goal was not to walk.  I was prepared to take a break at water stops, but no walking.  I did not walk.  At all.  AND! I did not stop at any water stops.  I got my cup, gel, and banana on the fly and kept running.  NO walking!  I kicked butt on my goals.

Just like the duathlon, in which I had a great time and plan to compete again next year….I had a great time today and I definitely will be running the Towpath Half Marathon again next year!


Us after the half.

Monday Monday

Monday is my birthday, Noah’s birthday, my assistant’s birthday and my uncle’s birthday.

Noah will be two years older than I and it bothers him.  Me?  I don’t care about numbers.  I’m just amazed at where life has taken me and looking forward to where we will go.

Back Monday with some birthday thoughts and hopefully with race results!

Happy weekend everyone!