Gearing up…

or is it down?

I have my first half marathon this coming Sunday.  Since I’m tapering my mileage this week, I can’t decide if I’m gearing up or down for the run.  I am excited and terrified all at the same time.  I am not a fan of distance running, not like Noah is.  He’s super excited to do a 50k this year.  50k!  That’s insane!  I think I personally am a fan of the shorter distances.  But to be good at the shorter distances, to get faster, I need to run some long ones.

I am so excited for when next year’s race calendar starts coming out.  I can’t wait to put more duathlons on my calendar!  I am also strongly considering swim lessons this winter at the gym (we have a gift card) in order to enter an actual triathlon next year.  It’s crazy to me that I’m even considering these things.  Last year this time, my fastest time was around 11 minutes per mile.  This year I am able to do 8:55 or better.  It’s crazy!  I’m crazy!  Who likes to run?  Apparently I do!

So think of me on Sunday while I’m running the beautiful Towpath half marathon up in Summit County Ohio.  And then think of me again on Monday when I turn 27 (Noah will be 29!)!


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