Today I ran my first half marathon.  I was really prepared to hate it.  Definitely prepared to suffer.  And even though my goal was not to walk, I was prepared for that possibility.  The furthest I went in my training was 11 miles and we took a short break at the half way point.  And that was weeks ago.  I got sick, I had my duathlon, and then it was taper week for the half.  So I was prepared to accept that I would do better next time.


The towpath is gorgeous this time of year, the course is extremely flat, and the race was a success.

I don’t have official times yet, but Noah’s watch said 2 hours 15 minutes and 59 seconds.  My goal time was to average 10:30 pace.  That time means weaveraged 10:22.  So I definitely beat my first goal.  My second goal was not to walk.  I was prepared to take a break at water stops, but no walking.  I did not walk.  At all.  AND! I did not stop at any water stops.  I got my cup, gel, and banana on the fly and kept running.  NO walking!  I kicked butt on my goals.

Just like the duathlon, in which I had a great time and plan to compete again next year….I had a great time today and I definitely will be running the Towpath Half Marathon again next year!


Us after the half.


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