So…I finally broke down and got my hair professionally dyed.  It was my “present” to myself for my birthday.  It started out OK.  I told her that I wanted it to be red and I talked about all the things that I didn’t like about the current color.  I showed her a few pictures in magazines and she was on it.  The cut was great but when she dried it…it was dark brown.  Not red at all.  So I said, “I really wanted it to be more red.”  And I didn’t like the line where you could see my ends were lighter before she dyed it.  So she put in caramel highlights to help disguise the line and I headed home.  Well by the weekend I decided that I paid A LOT of money for it to be the way I wanted it and since I hadn’t had my hair dyed in well over two years, I wanted what I had asked for.  So I called and asked for it to be fixed.  I went in, explained that I wanted more red and she set to work.  She tried to keep the caramel highlights that I had (since they were quite expensive).  She dried it….yeah, still not red.  Except now, it was patchy red underneath with brown and blonde on top.  It looked strange.  So I told her I really didn’t like it.  I could have lived with the brown because it was my natural color, but this was not something I could live with.  She goes and gets another stylist and they ask me some questions.  They decided to bring out the swatch card and have me pick what I want.  When I show them what I want, my stylist goes “Wow that’s really red, are you sure?”  Um.  Yeah.  I’m sure.  That’s what I asked for.  That’s what I paid over $150 for.  So the manager makes me sign a waiver that they aren’t responsible if my hair falls out and that they won’t re-do it if it isn’t what I want.  Because this is the fourth time she’ll have dyed my hair in the space of a week.  Fourth time.  So did an all over color and….voila!  I finally got what I wanted!  And I LOVE it!  I just wish she had brought out the swatch card in the first place and listened to me in the first place.  I could have saved a lot of hassle.


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