Crappity Crap

So…our scale?  Yeah it’s a peice of crap.

The scale says that I have gained a pound a day for this whole week.  I almost always weigh myself on Mondays just to see how bad the weekend was.  It said I was up a pound for Monday.  No biggie, I figured I hadn’t been on my best eating behavior nor had a ran this past weekend.  We had lots of pizza and fried things.  Wednesday I weighed myself again.  I figured I had been better Monday and Tuesday and had ran Tuesday so it should be the same if not a few ounces lower.  But it wasn’t.  It was up a pound.  So I check Thursday, another pound.  And this morning?  Another pound.  I am up four pounds this week.  Four pounds!  That means that I am consuming 3,500 extra calories EACH DAY.  On top of the 1,100 calories I burned running this week.  Supposedly I’m up 6 pounds since this time last year.  And…yeah, my clothes still fit just fine, they’re still loose.  So I can’t believe that I’m up 6 pounds.  If I am, where did it go?  So yeah…I’m a little irritated.  I’m a lot irritated.


And I’m getting a damn new scale.


One thought on “Crappity Crap

  1. If you ate a bunch of fried crappy foods some of it could be from all the sodium….I always notice a weight increase if I’ve eaten crap and it stays fir a few days. Wait a couple days and weigh yourself again.

    Of course, I’ve been there and know all this is really NO consulation!! I’ve been there and gained summer weight that I’m still trying to shed!

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