Ten on Tuesday

Thanks to Chelsea for doing this.  You make my once a week post easier 🙂


1. What are your plans for the holidays? Do you travel at Thanksgiving? If you celebrate Christmas, do you travel then, too?
We don’t travel for Thanksgiving.  Both sides of our families come to us.  Although this year will be a smaller gathering than normal.  Christmas is a different story.  We usually go to my parent’s house a few days in advance, go to my grandma’s for Christmas Eve, and are back in Columbus with Noah’s parents for Christmas morning.

2. How do you make the plans for the holiday? If you have a significant other, how do you decide which family to visit?
This has been figured out through trial and error and lots and lots of complaining!

3. Do you have your Thanksgiving meal at lunch or later in the day?
We do a late lunch so that Noah’s family can make it down here.  Then my family leaves after lunch and his usually stays for dinner too.

4. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Nope.  Just eating and sleeping!  Although we do run one the Turkey Trot in the morning before everyone gets here.

5. After a big meal do you lounge around or get up and take a walk?
We lounge for sure.  No walking or exercising around here!  We do that before the meal.

6. Do you shop on “Black Friday” or do you avoid it?
We avoid it.  We usually don’t leave the house.  We do go buy our Christmas tree and then we spend the rest of the day at home snuggling and decorating for Christmas.  I don’t like traffic and the deals aren’t worth it.

7. When do you usually finish your Christmas shopping?
I try to have it finished before Dec. 1st but it doesn’t always work out that way.

8. Do you and your significant other exchange gifts? Is there a budget?
We don’t usually exchange gifts.  We have a hard enough time figuring out what to ask for from other people.  Plus we’re awful and can’t wait until Christmas to exchange gifts.

9. When do you decorate for the holidays?
We go get our tree the day after Thanksgiving and start then.  It usually takes us all weekend and then some depending on the weather.  We need decent weather to put our outside lights up.

10. Do you go “all out” with the decor or do you keep it simple?
We go all out.  I do the dining room table, the kitchen table, outside, the living room and this year we’re doing the bathroom too.  We have multiple tubs of Christmas decorations!


One thought on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Black Friday deals aren’t worth it. They usually run sales for months leading up to Christmas, I think the whole Black Friday thing is just about the experience. An experience I don’t care to have…

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