Plans, plans, and more plans

So I’m going to put it in print and then you all can hold me responsible (unless I get injured and then all bets are off). I’m going to run a full marathon Oct. 9th. I’m going to run the Towpath Marathon in the Cleveland area. We did the half there last year and it was gorgeous. Amazing scenery, great weather, soft packed trail, and super super flat. So I’m going to attempt that in October. I think this makes sense because Noah has pushed babies back until after October 11th. So this may be my last chance for awhile to do something on this large of a scale. I’ll still be riding and I’ll hopefully still be doing a few duathlons this summer but…the marathon will be my primary focus.

I’m also getting ready to be a pace leader for a Saturday morning running group. I’m pretty nervous about this! It means that other people are counting on me for my pace. They are counting on me to be consistent and there every Saturday. I’m hoping that this will help me stick with my marathon training plan.

I ran the Warrior Dash in Logan Ohio on Saturday. Man did that suck. And not because of the obstacles! The obstacles were the least of my worries! The worst part was the hills. I have never encountered hills that steep. It was primarily uphill and the few chances you got to go downhill were so technical and steep, you couldn’t take advantage of the downward momentum. I am still finding mud in my ears! All in all, a good time and I would like to participate in the Sept. race, I just need to get Noah to join me!

I have a full schedule this summer…again. Why do I do this to myself? I always overload myself and then I get annoyed with myself b/c I don’t have any down time. I’ve got summer school starting June 9th (which is the day AFTER the last day of school) and that will go 5 days a week until July. On top of that I’m working at the Trek store, training for the marathon, and trying to get some races in.

We’ve got the kitchen floor here in the house acclimating so we can begin installing this week. The next big remodel is hopefully going to be the bathroom. I took out the shower door all by myself the other day before we took a load of flooring to the dump so it’s partially started. 🙂 With that door out of there I can see how much nicer it will look with fresh, shiny tile. I just have to convince Noah of that! I do NOT want to shower in that gross shower while pregnant. Yuck.

I picked up 12 books from the library today and have 13 more on hold for me. I have high hopes of doing lots of reading and sitting on the couch or in the sun this summer. If you’ve got any good recommendations, I’d love to hear them. I enjoy teen fiction, vampires, and smutty romance 😉


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