I’m just in a foul mood today…this week…nothing is working out right now.

*The kitchen is not ready to install flooring.
*I have to work tomorrow for summer school.
*I have a race on Sunday but I hurt my quad at softball so I am definitely not ready for it. And I have to find time to pick up my race packet sometime today.
*No one is friendly here at summer school. I just wanted to grab lunch with someone but no one is willing or they packed or they are going home.
*I bombed the interview yesterday but won’t get final actual word until Monday.
*One of my co-workers who I dislike but remained professional with ripped me on Facebook on Tuesday night. Out of nowhere. Not even talking to her. Apparently she’s been trying to get my co-teachers to talk sh*t about me and they won’t, but still…why bother? I didn’t do anything to her. I hate petty high school crap.
*Got here at 9 and don’t get to go home until 6:30. Stupid long day. I need to go my school still to pick stuff up. We have a two hour break but I can’t go home b/c I live too far away.

I just want today to be over.


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