I decided that I’d rather be MIA than be whiney.  I hate reading blogs that turn into whine-fests.  Usually the things that are being whined about aren’t worth whining over.  I figure that applies to me as well.

We spent the weekend at my parents’ house.  Had a 93rd birthday lunch for my grandpa at my aunt’s house.  He was very anti-social so I gave him a kick in the pants (so to speak…I wouldn’t actually kick the elderly) and got him outside for the cake at least.  It’s sad to watch him go downhill.  He’s not really eating anything of nutritional value any more and he’s definitely not visiting with people.  I have a feeling he sleeps most of his days away…which if you’re in college is a perfectly acceptable use of your day but when you’re 93, not so much.

Noah and I went for a long bike ride Sunday morning.  We rode 31.1 miles each way to Eaton for lunch with the Grandparents and then rode back home for dinner with the parents.  Despite being sunburned, it was pretty enjoyable.  I rode it almost 2 miles faster this year than I did the same distance same time last year so that’s  a plus.

Overall I think I’m in much better shape this summer than last summer despite the addition of about 5 pounds to the scale.  Damn scale.  I really have stopped weighing myself because I HATE that the number on the scale makes me feel bad about myself.  It’s a number!  It’s not a visual of how I look.  The mirror is much more flattering than the scale.  I need to get away from the scale.  Anywhoodle…I ran 11 miles on Friday morning, by myself, which I definitely wouldn’t have done last year.  And I ran it in about a 10:10 pace which is faster than my half marathon pace last year AND I walked some!  So that means that my overall running pace not including the walking was significantly faster than last year.  I’m trying to wrap my head around the walking.  I understand that I will not be able to run a full marathon with no walking so I’m trying to work walk breaks into my workouts now.  I want to be prepared for them and accepting of them instead of seeing them as a failure on my part.  My training runs at this point in the year last year were about 30 seconds slower per mile so…this year I am definitely more fit than last year.  I’m really proud of my accomplishments and my workouts this year.  Granted, some days 3 miles feels like the longest, hardest run of my life but overall I’m more able to run the longer distances, faster and easier.

Still no word on the job.  The principals are back in the buildings the last week of July so I’m hoping to hear from them soon.  I’ve got full time hours at the Trek store this week so I’m pretty busy between working and trying to get my workouts in.  Not a whole lot of time for worrying.  And I need to keep it that way…too busy to stress and worry because goodness knows I’m good at the worrying!



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