School starts Monday. I’m getting my hair cut and colored today. And my IUD came out about a half hour ago.

I really thought I would feel different once it was out, but I don’t. I’m still me. We’re still not trying until October but right now it just seems like it’s still there. No bleeding or anything. No cramping. Nothing different. I’m not looking forward to having a period again. Ugh. I considered keeping it in until October and now I kind of wish I had! I was worried I would have difficulty when it came out, so I wanted to get it done this summer. But knowing what I know now? I’d have waited until after the marathon. Oh well eh?

So today I will do nothing. I will enjoy my last day of summer by reading a book either outside or on the couch and I will enjoy my last summer of not working.

Monday starts a new school year which I’m neither ready nor excited for but it’s a job and it pays the bills and I don’t hate it so I guess that’s what most people ask from their jobs. Maybe it will be better than I think it will. I don’t see how it can be worse than I’m expecting, so the only way it can go is up!

I am thankful for today. The weather is beautiful. I had a great bike ride and dinner with a great friend last night. This weekend we’ll help a friend move and who knows about Sunday. Hopefully no bleeding and I’ll run my 14 miles tomorrow before we help him move. I’m trying to be in a good place right now. One day at a time.


One thought on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. School starts next week? The kids don’t go till the 29th! I’m glad, too, cause I feel like I need to spend more time with them.

    Glad things are on a sorta positive note, good luck with them marathon followed by the baby-making!

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