I forgot…

…how sucky having a period was…and how depressed and sad the hormonal fluctuations make me.  Blergh.  The doctor said I might have a month or two without a period, not to worry about it.  I got two days.  Two days?!?  Stupid period.

Also, I need a new shirt dress.  Mine is turning grey instead of being black like it’s supposed to be.  I considered dyeing it and even bought the dye, but I think it won’t take properly in the underarm area where the deodorant stains have left a permanant slick smear.  I have looked everywhere I can think of.  I found one at Anthropologie, but it’s not black and it’s $150.  Anyone have any ideas?  Less than $100?

And I need silver flats for work.  I’ve looked everywhere I can think for those too.  Any ideas there?

I may have bought these though while looking for the silver flats…maybe…:)


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