Random Musings

*My birthday came and went with very little fanfare…my parents didn’t even call me, I called them! Only one card came in the mail and we’re broke so we didn’t even go out to eat!

*Marathon went well. Missed goal time by 5 minutes. Definitely going to do another one and hopefully blow my time out of the water. Considering late winter/early spring. Want to go somewhere warm, but not too costly in terms of travel expenses.

*Wish we had more money but we’ve made some pretty poor life choices lately when it comes to money. We’ve vowed to buckle down and eat at home more. Blew it tonight already by getting Chinese instead of eating at home.

*Feel like poo. Managed to not get sick before the marathon…managed to hold it off for about a week but…now I’m feeling crummy. Stuffy, runny nose, sinus pressure, and intestinal “issues” tonight. 😦

*Close friend is pregnant and didn’t tell me because she was afraid I would be upset. I’m not. Surprisingly. Now that we’re not not trying, I no longer have the little bits of jealousy I used to feel. I’m kind of less excited than I thought I would be. I want to make plans for my running for next year but I can only do that with the understanding that things could change. I miss my IUD 😦 I kind of wish we weren’t trying sometimes…it’s weird.

*School is school. It’s not really what I want to do and some days it’s really horrible. But I’m getting used to it. Now I need to keep convincing myself to put more effort into my day. Lately I’ve kind of been coasting. Just getting through the day without really stretching myself. I’ll get there though. I need to get there. I’m beginning to get the routine down, now I need to find more opportunities to work with the students.

*I can’t wait for May!


Hello Monday

I make the best coffee. And I use the word coffee lightly. I take about a fourth to a half cup of coffee, add a little more than a tablespoon of sugar, and then fill my mug with half and half and creamer and milk. Just enough caffeine to wake me up but not give me a headache and it tastes yummy!

It’s not like I ran a marathon on Sunday or anything…

I actually said that to someone today who told me that I needed to take a walk with her.

I ran the Towpath Marathon Sunday morning in the Cleveland area.  I ran a 4:35.  My goal was 4:30 so I missed it by five minutes.  Five minutes?!?  I feel like it was a good showing for my first marathon, but at the same time those five minutes are killing me!  It was too hot for a marathon really, it was 80 by the time I finished.  That’s not exactly ideal conditions and I didn’t prepare my nutrition for that level of heat.  But mostly mile 25 killed me.  I easily could have shaved two or more minutes off mile 25.  But mile 26 and .2 was back within my goal pace so that’s a victory!  I think I’ll be doing it again…I can’t believe I’m saying that right now.  During the race, I definitely was wondering what in the h-e-double hockey sticks I had gotten myself into!  But now I’m recovered and ready to run again.

On Sunday I’ll be a bike escort for the Columbus Marathon.  I’m responsible for the second place male in the full marathon competition.  I am really excited!  This year is a good year for Columbus, the man that I’m escorting will most likely qualify for the Olympics!