It’s not like I ran a marathon on Sunday or anything…

I actually said that to someone today who told me that I needed to take a walk with her.

I ran the Towpath Marathon Sunday morning in the Cleveland area.  I ran a 4:35.  My goal was 4:30 so I missed it by five minutes.  Five minutes?!?  I feel like it was a good showing for my first marathon, but at the same time those five minutes are killing me!  It was too hot for a marathon really, it was 80 by the time I finished.  That’s not exactly ideal conditions and I didn’t prepare my nutrition for that level of heat.  But mostly mile 25 killed me.  I easily could have shaved two or more minutes off mile 25.  But mile 26 and .2 was back within my goal pace so that’s a victory!  I think I’ll be doing it again…I can’t believe I’m saying that right now.  During the race, I definitely was wondering what in the h-e-double hockey sticks I had gotten myself into!  But now I’m recovered and ready to run again.

On Sunday I’ll be a bike escort for the Columbus Marathon.  I’m responsible for the second place male in the full marathon competition.  I am really excited!  This year is a good year for Columbus, the man that I’m escorting will most likely qualify for the Olympics!


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