I want to help…

but it’s really none of my business and it’s a person I don’t even know.

I’ve developed a bit of a pinterest obsession.  🙂  Surprise right?  I wonder how long it will last.  Blogging consistently didn’t last very long and neither did Tumblr or Twitter.  So we’ll see.  But.  Point.  Right.  I was browsing and found a pin for Brittany Spears’ workout from her “prime.”  I was intrigued so I clicked over.

It led me to a blog of a 19 year old girl who absolutely hates herself.  She hates the way she looks.  She hates dieting.  She thinks she should look like Nicole Ritchie.  She talks about this time in her life when everything was perfect.  She was eating the following:  diet coke for breakfast, bag of chips and skittles for lunch, and bread and butter for dinner.  She was going to dance every day on top of that.  She talks about how that time her life was perfect.  She was counting calories.  She listed her food intake.  She was taking in 500 calories a day.  She was beating herself up for taking in that many.  That wasn’t working so now she’s decided to fast.  She’s not eating.  Only drinking water.

Reading her tumblr made me extremely sad.  I hate that this young woman, 19 years old, has such a negative body image that she’s beating herself up for eating.  She’s decided that the only way her life will be “perfect” is if she’s really tiny and thin.  And she’s decided that instead of doing it the right way, eating healthy and exercising, she’s going to fast.  She stated that she understands that it’s an eating disorder and that this is her choice and that’s what she wants to do.  I know that it’s her choice.  I understand that.  But I am so sad.  I wish there was something I could do.  Something I could say.  Things get better!  They do!  She needs to figure out how to accept herself.  She’s very clear on her blog that she doesn’t want to hear anyone who disagrees with her, and I’m a total stranger so what can I really say?  But I wish I could.  I wish I could say something, do something, help her in some way.  I also wish the people who are encouraging her to behave this way would stop.  It’s not healthy.  Part of why she didn’t lose weight when she dropped down to 500 calories was because it was unhealthy.  Her body went into starvation mode and hung onto every last calorie she took in.  Also, she only did that for about two weeks…not really long enough to see results.  Ugh.  I need to go to bed but I’m going to be thinking about this girl…hoping she wakes up and realizes how wonderful she is just the way she is.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be thinner…I have five pounds I want to lose…no biggie.  But doing it the way she is doing it isn’t the way to go.


One thought on “I want to help…

  1. Earlier this year I had started a Tumblr (and about a month later, deleted it b/c I can’t keep up with it all) but I remember seeing SO many girls just like this over there. There were groups of them, encouraging each other to just eat 300-500 calories a day. There were photos of skinny girls trying to pinch “flab” (aka just SKIN) and saying “OMG look how disgusting I am!” So while I commend you for wanting to help this one individual, there are just so many of them out there it’s disturbing. And they start much, much younger. Trading tips on how to hide their dieting from their parents. It’s absolutely terrible.

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