How do I begin?

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for about a week but I just didn’t have the words. And I’m still not sure I do.

I left the very urban school district I Had taught for after five years to go to a suburban district. I listened to family and friends instead of following my gut and it’s gotten me in a bit of trouble. The very urban district had its issues, don’t get me wrong. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Now my current district is on financial straights. In order to balance their budget for next school year they have to lay off all gym, music, and art teachers, cut bussing, cut sports, cut recess and lunch aides, and cut an additional 60 teachers. Basically everyone who was hired in the last two years will be losing their job. I was hired in the last two years. There is a strong possibility that come April 30th I will have a pink slip.

I just can’t even fathom it. If I do get a pink slip I will have a hell of a time finding another job. Special Ed will help me but I still have 7 years experience and a masters so they have to pay me far more than a first year teacher so my chances of being hired are slim. That’s part of what last year when I tried to leave my district…I cost too much.

All of Noah and I’s plans for him quitting his job and us starting a family are up in the air. We’ve decided we’re not doing Christmas for ourselves this year and we are pretty much canceling our spring break marathon plans. I’m afraid to do anything until April 30. It’s terrifying. I’m kicking myself for leaving the urban district where I was before. I liked the kids and the staff. Principals stink no matter where you go and parents are always difficult but I enjoyed it there and I shouldn’t have left. We’d have more money, better insurance, and I wouldn’t be on the chopping block. Ugh. How am I going to wait five months to know if I have a job?


3 thoughts on “How do I begin?

  1. Oh Kari I’m so sorry! It’s always scary to try something new and hope things will be better but it’s a HUGE let down when things don’t turn out like you planned. You would think that if they knew they’d be doing layoffs then they wouldn’t have hired you to begin with. So maybe there’s a chance you won’t be laid off after all? It sucks to have to just wait and see though.

    • Our levy didn’t pass. They didn’t intend to do layoffs but they have to have a balanced budget and in order to do that, they have to cut teaching positions. My problem with being hired to another district is my experience. Districts are hiring brand spanking new teachers because they are cheaper. I have my masters and 7 years experience so I cost more. My chances of being hired to another district are slim unless we’re willing to leave Ohio.

  2. Oh man. I’m sorry. I know the waiting and feeling like your life is on hold has to be torture. I know it is hard to look at it now but try to remember everything happens for a reason…you don’t know it yet but it will be coming down the line. Hang tough!

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