Open letter to the editor

Dear Rain:  I tried to listen to Christmas music in the car today and realized that I can’t enjoy Christmas music when it’s in the 50’s and rainy.  Please turn into snow.

Dear Cranky Autism Unit teacher: if I didn’t invite you to my holiday beverage party, maybe it’s because I don’t like you.  You don’t like me.  You take every opportunity to talk about me behind my back and tear me down so…yeah, I didn’t invite you.  Why would I?

Dear Bob Evans Coffee: You suck.  I should have gotten the Newman’s Own brand that I love and doesn’t give me headaches.

Dear School:  We only have 17 more days together until Christmas break.  Please go by quickly and uneventfully.  I could use a break.

Dear motivation:  Please come back.  My running and I miss you.  I need to finish my mother’s scarf by Dec. 12th and I need to clean house before above mentioned holiday beverage party.  Please come back to me before I wake up in the morning.

These open letters brought to you by my cranky, scrooge-ish, unmotivated, getting fatter by the minute on cakes and cookies, rainy December’s suck self.


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