Happy January!

from a day filled with suck…

on that note…New Year’s resolutions are not my thing but I’ve decided that I need to be a bit healthier.  Not as in lose weight healthier, but just more aware of what I put in my body (as I made homemade caramel sauce tonight and pathetically licked every utensil clean…gosh it was delicious!)

So I’m going to track my eating for a week.  I’m going to use SparkPeople because I’ve used it in the past and it’s free and easy.  I’m going to see where my calories are coming from.  Not count them mind you because I learned that while training for a marathon (plan started this week, got one day in, messed up my back something fierce and am still recovering…plan will start Sunday), you can’t count calories.  At least I can’t.  I’m so hungry I eat a lot.  But I can be more conscious of where my calories are coming from.  So I’m going to look at my proportions, hopefully cut some bad carbs, increase the good ones…find new sources for protein and become a little healthier and a better fueled athlete in the process.

Any good resolutions out there to share?


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