things you learn…

apparently, dogs eat hamsters!

When I left for Target, new dog and Satchel were asleep on the couches.  The fat cat was sleeping in the red chair, the tiny cat was missing and the hamsters were snuggled up together in their cage.

When I came back from Target, the dogs are nowhere to be seen.  I call and I hear a scrambling and a crash from upstairs.  I enter the room to find the hamster cage on its side and hamster bedding everywhere.  New dog is quite pleased with herself.  She’s sitting in the middle of the mess wagging her tail.  Upon closer inspection, I realize that there is blood all over the hamster cage.  I look closely…only one hamster remains.

New dog has an apparent craving for small furry creatures.  My aunt tried to say the cats were framing new dog.  Which could be possible.  The tiny cat has pulled the hamster through the cage bars before and she does kill mice.  However.  She doesn’t eat them, there’s not blood involved and we had inadvertently trapped her in our bedroom!  So she wasn’t even free during the time period the hamster expired.

Cute though she is, cat, dog, and kid safe she may be…but she is most definitely not pocket pet friendly!


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