Settling in

We took Eissa to my parents’ house this weekend to visit and meet the family.  She was a little timid, but mostly just acted like she’d lived there her whole life!  She met new dogs, new people, and went for car rides (on one of them, she apparently jumped in the front seat, got her new leash stuck in between the seats, and chewed her way through it…we bought a new leash today 🙂 ).  She grumbled a little bit, barked a lot, and wagged her little tail all the time!  My grandparents and Aunt told me that if we can’t keep her for some reason, they would take her.  She made quite an impression!

Today  Noah took the day off with me.  I love that man.  We went out for coffee, bike shopping, dog leash and collar shopping, more bike shopping, dinner and groceries.  Now he’s downstairs working on his newest addition to the bike collection.

Things are good at home.  Work, not awesome, but at home they are good.  (I feel like I should knock on wood or something…)


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