Guess I’m post…

Guess I’m posting more over on tumblr lately…so check me out there if anyone is still here…

Bullet point wrap up of my summer thus far:

*Got a new puppy!  She’s an English Lab (I need to send in her papers…).  She’s just barely 8 weeks old and we’ve had her for two.  She’s absolutely adorable and gorgeous and I post lots of pictures of her 🙂

*AND Satchel gets along with her! Which is fabulous.  They are both having a great time playing and romping, loudly, every night.

*We finished a big project in the side yard.  It looks great.  We trimmed our pine tree up about 7 feet, dug out a big bed, planted some flowers, mulched, added a bird bath and some fun purple Adirondack chairs (free from a friend and I spray painted them, never have I been so happy with a spray paint job).  It’s nice to have it looking purposeful instead of like a sadly forgotten space.  There’s still a bit to do over there including taking out a giant honeysuckle, but that’s a project for next summer I think.

*Got the new job for next year!!!  Going back to teaching students with learning disabilities an working in the gen. ed. classroom.  I got to tour the building and meet the staff before school was out for the year.  They really seem like a great bunch of people!  I can’t wait to get in there and get to work!

*Only have ONE summer job this year at the bike shop and I love it.  It’s laid back and I get to do something I love.

*Joined a a bike racing team for the upcoming CycloCross season.  They truly are a great bunch of laid back, fun and interesting people.  I’m so excited to ride for Team Jeni’s AKA Team Awesome (and not for the free ice cream, but that’s a big plus).  I’ve been on my bike a ton and haven’t ran in over two months, maybe three.  I don’t miss it yet.  I will and when I do, I’ll run.  But until then, I’ll bike.  I’m mountain biking. Whew is it scary and fun all at the same time!  It comes with falling and injuries, but I pick myself back up and keep going!

*We are NOT getting as far along with our debt pay off as I would like, but I’m not going to stress too much about it.  My Mirena is back in and we’re not having kids in the forseeable future.  So the pressure to have the debt paid off isnt’ as strong.  I want it paid off so we can get Noah back to school.  But he broke his bike and we bought two bikes before we sold the components and frames to pay for them so…we upped our debt by a decent amount.  It needs paid off but I’m not going to stress.  My new job pays much more and my taxes are a bit less so I’m pretty sure we can get it done.  By January?  Probably not.  But we will.  

*Don’t smack me but…I bought a used Nook.  My friend’s husband got one for Christmas and turns out he didn’t want it.  So she sold it for half off.  I’m really enjoying it.  When I get books from the library they often smell of crazy cat lady, cigarette smoke, and unidentifiable funk.  Now when I get books from the library they don’t smell at all!  Plus it’s easily transportable and I don’t have to put a paper cover on my smutty books 😉

How’s your summer?


2 thoughts on “Guess I’m post…

  1. I like the Nook, so I’m not going to shame you on that – one Nook Color for youngest son, and muiddle son just got Nook tablet. Lots of people have been complaining about the fraility of Kindle, too. As for the smutty books – whatever makes you happy. Or you can borrow the covers from one of mine. I have too many.

    CONGRATS on joining Team Jeni’s! How’d that come about? That is excellent to hear!

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