Whew! I am so sore!

Jillian and I split three hours, 39 miles each at the 6 hour mountain bike race at John Bryan state park yesterday.  We arrived at 7:30 in the morning as directed by race officials and discovered a tiny little sign that said ‘race delayed until 12noon’.  Well crap.  So we drove around Yellow Springs looking for a good breakfast place.  Found one.  Awesome breakfast!  It never actually stormed, just a light drizzle so the race was on at 12noon.  It was  Le Mans style start, which means you set your bike down on the line and run for it.  After a SUPER clumsy start (what’s up cyclocoss racer?) we were off.  I started the race.  Didn’t get a great start but quickly made up time in the straight, flat, and fast gravel section.  Once we entered the trails, there was much slowing down.  We had to go backward from the direction I’m used to going and the trail was muddy and slippery due to the light rain.  I got passed by four men on the next straight and wide gravel section.  No biggie.  First lap came out at 1:12.  Jillian jumped in, smooth transition.  She had 1:08 for her lap.  Next lap for me, 1:08 and the course was 90% dry.  My fastest lap so far at JB.  The guy who sold me my mountain bike wheels was behind me the whole way pushing me to go faster.  Jillian’s next lap was 1:09.  My next lap started at 4:40 and I had to finish my lap and get Jillian out on the course by 5:59 in order for us to be able to count our sixth lap.  I made it back in at 1:11.  Whew!  Jillian went out and the next female duo team didn’t make the time limit for their sixth lap.  She came back in at 1:12 for her final lap.  That last lap…whew.  It was a doozy!  We finished second in the female duo and ahead of 9 of the other duo teams (male, coed, and juniors).  I’m super proud of us, but super sore today!  I plan on racing the third short track race on Sunday and I HAVE to come out strong so I can beat the girl who’s tied with me for the series.



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