I’m so frustrated with my family. They only live an hour and forty minutes away but they act like its across the desert when I ask them to come here. they only come to Columbus twice a year and this year, they aren’t coming at all.

I’ve been sick for several days. But I’m on antibiotics and I’m not contagious. But I just wasn’t sure that I would feel up to having all those ppl here so I tried to reschedule. Before I could even get to that, my mom starts in with how they shouldn’t come.  So I ask if we can reschedule for Saturday.  They all agree to it…and then they call me back two hours later and say no.  My uncle has them all convinced that the traffic around my place will be horrific b/c of the OSU vs. Michigan game.  If you’re not living in Ohio, then you don’t understand how much of a big deal that game is.  But the traffic isn’t that bad.  And I could bring them around the back way so they wouldn’t have to deal with the traffic at all.  What it really comes down to, is that they don’t want to drive and they don’t want to miss watching the game.

I’m so tired of putting myself out there to them and always going to them and never getting anything in return.  I’ve asked several times for them to come to Columbus to see us race or go out to dinner with us.  But they never come.  They always have an excuse.  I’m their only child.  It has definitely gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.  I always felt like an afterthought to them.  They did all the things good parents did.  They were involved in my academics and sports in school.  They were always there for me.  But I’ve always known that they tried to have kids for over ten years before they gave up.  Then after they gave up, several years later, I appeared.  And I’ve always felt that they could have gone their entire lives and not had kids and been perfectly happy.  They wouldn’t have felt they were missing anything.  The older I get, the more they pull away from me.  Despite the fact that they only have two hobbies, quilting and hunting, they are far too busy to come to any of our races.  They are too busy to meet us for lunch.  They say that it’s too hard for them to drive less than two hours to just spend the day with us but they expect that from us.  I’ve tried talking to them about it, and they don’t see it.  They don’t understand.  I guess I’m just tired of trying to fix it.  I’m just over it.  I’m tired of cancelling our plans to make room for theirs when they obviously can’t be bothered to do the same.  I don’t really feel like there’s any hold for us to stay in Columbus or even Ohio anymore.  I used to think I’d be worried about  my family and miss them.  But…the more time goes on, the more they push me away, the less I think I would notice.


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