I’m tired of the high school drama.  The he said, she said crap.  If we all love cycling, can’t we agree that people have different personalities and that those personalities don’t always mesh?  Can’t we take a carefully worded comment and respect that the person was willing to give us their opinion and keep the source of said opinion to ourselves?  And if someone says to you, “so and so said…” how about you say to yourself, “hey, that person is my friend.  I don’t think they would have said that in exactly that light.  Let me go to them directly and ask them what’s going on?” instead of bitching about it to six other people. Which is how it gets back to the supposed author of the statement who is then extremely confused and hurt over a holiday weekend with no way to make it right.  Especially when they never said anything like that to begin with.  It’s frustrating when you can’t trust people who are your friends to respect your privacy or to think about how they are going to share what you have said with them.  Instead of saying “so and so said…” why don’t you just say, “I’ve heard…could you confirm?”

This stupid women’s team is turning out to be a mess.  People I thought I liked from my team, I can’t really stand.  People I thought I could trust from other teams, turns out no.  This women’s team that is supposed to bring us all together is actually splitting people apart and making people choose sides.  This is why I don’t like women.  This is why I can’t stand stupid crap like this.  It just turns into a popularity contest and you learn things about people that you wish you didn’t know but you can’t unlearn.  

Thanks for adding yet another layer of suck to a crappy crappy Thanksgiving.


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