OK.  One little comment and then I’m done.

What happened this week was horrific.  It tugs at our heartstrings because they were little people.  But the reality is, mass shootings are becoming more and more prevalent in the US.  In the last thirty years, there have been sixty two mass shootings in the US.  There have been seven just the last year.  We need to stop arguing about gun control and putting metal detectors in schools.  Those are not going to solve the problem.  We need to figure out why mass shootings are on the rise and we need to solve the root problem.

Personally?  I think it’s poor parenting.  I know I know that’s not PC to say that.  But it’s true.  In sports now, everyone gets a medal because “everyone’s a winner”.  Guess what?  If your team lost every game they played, you’re not a winner!  Not everyone CAN be a winner.  It goes against the definition of the word   Just like second place isn’t “winning”.  We’ve taken away grades at the elementary level b/c it “puts too much pressure on children” and because they think letter grades are demoralizing.  Um…so?  Shouldn’t you be ashamed if you get a C?  Shouldn’t you be striving for an A?  Kids don’t understand the idea that a 3 means you’re on grade level, a 2 means you’re progressing toward, and a 1 means you aren’t even close.  They don’t get it.  They do understand A, B,  C.  When kids do get a poor grade, their parents are in the school blaming the teachers, blaming the other students, blaming video games…in short, everyone EXCEPT who is the actual problem.  Hint hint, it’s probably your kid and his or her lack of work ethic.  We need to teach our children how to handle themselves when life gives them lemons.  Instead of fixing it for you child, you need to teach him or her how to solve their own problems.  Parents these days want to be their child’s friend instead of being their parent.  Being a parent is hard!  I’m not saying it isn’t.  But I think we’ve gotten away from good parenting.  I had a parent complain that their child spends too much time playing video games and not enough time doing their homework   Um…Who’s in charge in that household?  I have an easy solution.  Take the video games away!  Be a parent!  Say no to your child!  They might whine and complain now, but they will thank you for it later.

All of that to say that I’m tired of everyone screaming about gun regulation every time something like this happens.  I don’t personally own a gun, but I can tell you that taking away people’s guns isn’t going to stop the problem.  Generally people who commit these kinds of violent acts aren’t legal gun owners.  If taking away guns truly solved all violence (as I was so recently told) then there would be no violence in the UK because it’s illegal to own a gun there.  But guess what?  There is still violence there!  If someone wants to hurt someone, they will find a way guns or no guns.  The same day as the Connecticut shootings, a man in Beijing took a knife and stabbed 22 children as they exited the school building.  He didn’t have a gun but he still found a way to hurt someone.

Ok.  I’m off my soapbox.  But I’ll say again, cliche though it may be, guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.  I compare this situation to a dandelion.  If all you ever do is rip the leaves off (gun regulation), you’ll never kill the plant.  The only want to solve the problem is to get to the root and remove it.


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