goals vs. resolutions 🙂


1.  ride my bike more!  I don’t log my miles, so this will just have to be on the honor system, but I’ve enjoyed riding my bike more this year and I look forward to riding it even more next year!

2.  take better care of my bikes.  I know little to nothing about bike maintenance.  I can fit a bike for you and I can tell you what components are better and help you select a bike, but I can’t take care of my own bikes much past tire changing and mud cleaning.  I want to learn more about maintenance and building bikes.

3.  race my  mountain bike.  ’nuff said.

4.  pay down debt!  we have FAR too much debt and instead of getting rid of debt last year, I’m pretty sure we added to it by the purchase of not one, not two, but eight bikes!  Oh my gosh, did I really just count the purchase of eight bikes in 2012?!?!  Holy whoa. I’m not promising no bike purchases in 2013 because I perhaps want to replace my single speed and may be purchasing a full suspension mountain bike.  Maybe.

5.  Eat healthier.  We already try to eat healthier, but then I start exercising more so I get lazier.  I want to cut more carbs and eat more protein.  Be better nutritionally prepared for racing.

6.  Race better, harder, faster for cross.

7.  Run with Thule more.

8.  Take the dogs for more hikes and walks.  We’ve gotten lazy and our older dog has gotten SUPREMELY  lazy.  He needs to get out more and exercise more beyond just playing with the puppy.

9.  Buy less.  I guess this goes with paying down debt, but I have a bit of a shopping problem.  I buy cheap stuff and then it doesn’t last.  Or I buy something that isn’t exactly what I want but I have to have it RIGHT NOW so I buy something that isn’t right instead of buying what I actually wanted…and then I end up buying the thing I really wanted in the first place.  Which equals double spending.  I did buy less clothing this year.  Which is a plus.  Just need to buy even less next year!

10.  Be more social.  I am a very shy person.  I also have a hard time trusting people so I tend to just hang back and let Noah do most of the talking.  I think it comes across as rude and I don’t mean for it to.  I also have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth and say things that don’t come out the way I mean for them to, so that’s another reason not to trust people or open up easily.  So I want to be more social.  Make more friends and strengthen the bonds between the friends we already have.


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