took an accidental sick day today…but when I was putting in for it, I really did feel crummy!  But today I feel pretty darn normal so…things I’m looking forward to:

*A Saturday ride with some awesome teammates!

*a potential Sunday mountain bike ride with my husband…depending on weather

*painting my nails with my new, FREE (!), nail polish that came in the mail this morning

*Saturday night hanging out with an amazing friend who’s working AND going to school so can be hard to catch up with…and before that, dinner with friends who have three kids and live an hour away so they are also hard to catch up with!

*Getting back into the swing of working out (this weeks sickness put me off track)

*Getting this atrociously hard IEP out of the way on Tuesday (pray for me!) so that we can go back to normal and I can start teaching more and worrying less!

*Next Saturday racing in Cincy and watching the pros race!


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